Tips on Attracting Opposite Sex

Tips on attracting opposite sex - Sex Advice and Tips

How to attract opposite sex is a big question that runs through the mind of millions of people every day.   People who want to have a great relationship but don’t know how to start.  This question knows no age limit and no economic status.  Old and young, rich and poor wonder the same thought almost daily.

But before the question can be answered, the cause of why you are alone should be examined.  Are you alone because you want to be?  Because you are too shy?  Do you expect too much from a potential mate, or do you hold a high standard from your last relationship?  Do you feel afraid of rejection?  All of these reasons can make you seem decisive or less appealing to the opposite sex.  They can make you hesitant to take action and therefore can contribute to you being alone.

Many people both young and old yearn to find the perfect mate.  But sometimes we are so afraid to try that we don’t have the confidence to be ourselves and to take the actions necessary to go out and meet new people.  Does this sound like you?  Are you afraid of rejection?  Afraid to try?

The good news is there are potential soul mates everywhere you look.  The opposite sex is every where you go.  At school, at work, at the grocery store, at parties, on the bus, and even living next door.  And the fact is most of them feel the same insecurities that you do; insecurities that hold them back from reaching their relationship goals.

The bad news is you have to relax and be yourself and open your mind and heart to a friendship that can grow into a real relationship with time and patience.  Nothing comes easily or quickly, but with patience and confidence, you can easily find your future mate.

Some of the best ways to attract the opposite sex are:


Be yourself and Be Confident

1)  Be yourself.  Be confident and smile.

Everyone is attracted to a person who is confident.  And who doesn’t love a big powerful smile?  It’s contagious and it usually gets one just like it right back.



Be Generous2)  Be generous.

Give your friendly advice and your time freely.  Most people appreciate someone who is sincerely interested in their well being.



Be a Good Listener - Sex Advice and Tips3)     Be a good listener. 

Sometimes friendships start by just asking a person how they feel and really listening to them.



Socialize - Sex Advice and Tips4)     Don’t be afraid to go to a good party and socialize. 

When you are at a social event, go out of your way to make friends and seek out people who seem to have no one to talk to.  They’ll appreciate the attention from you.



5)    Know how to be thrifty.

The opposite sex always appreciates a person who knows how to spend money wisely. One way to



Good luck on attracting the opposite sex!!!  And let us know if these tips helps you out by posting your thoughts here.


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